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Welcome to ADHD Code!

We are on a mission to help people suffering from ADHD to learn how to manage and alleviate their symptoms.

We think it’s important to note that although ADHD can cause difficulty and may often feel like a curse, ADHD is a gift of creativity that unfortunately comes with unwanted symptoms. BUT there is a solution!
My name is Richard Stanley and ADHD has tried to ruin my life on numerous occasions.

After meeting with my doctor and being told there was a 2 year waiting list just to get a diagnosis, to then be prescribed medication for my entire life… I thought, enough is enough! 
And on the 6th of March I was able to take control of my condition and become my own healer after struggling for 47 years.
Now that I’ve learned how to relieve myself of the symptoms, I am desperate to share what I’ve learned with anyone else who might be suffering in silence.
My goal is to help others with their ADHD so that they never have to live the life I led when I had ADHD. 
It’s time to discover your true self and let your inner being be your guide. Are you ready?

What Will The ADHD Code Guide Teach You:

In this small and digestible yet incredibly informative guide, I will cover the foundations of ADHD:

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Too often sufferers of ADHD are told to go onto medication just to handle their symptoms

Or they’re forced to cope with them on their own their whole lives.
I’ve personally tried it all…
Healers that offer short-lived help.
Counsellors or Cognitive Behaviour therapists who guide you in the moment but don’t address the underlying causes.
I’ve even spent £600 on Neurofeedback therapy- that didn’t work!
This isn’t fair and there are better alternatives out there – you just need to open your mind to them.
I know how hard it can be firsthand. I’ve lived with ADHD my whole life, I couldn’t focus in school, I’ve had 55 jobs, I’ve been made redundant 12 times, I went through bankruptcy, home repossession, and had many unsatisfied relationships.
But since the 6th of March when I discovered the solution – it’s never been the same!
And now it’s your turn to discover the solution that ACTUALLY works, you won’t believe how much it could change your life.

Who Would Benefit From
The ADHD Code Guide?

The sad truth is that ADHD is being undiagnosed in millions of people, or never being diagnosed at all.
People are suffering in their relationships, work, business and it’s either going undetected or they aren’t getting the help they need. This guide is for those people!
This guide is for those whose mind races at 200mph, so they get fed up, distracted, irritated, overwhelmed.
This guide is for those who constantly wish to start new projects but can’t complete them so they feel a failure or a loser.
This guide is for those who need to be reminded that ADHD is a double-edged sword!
Yes, it might come with its downsides – some days it might feel like it’s all it comes with but we mustn’t forget the creativity, the adaptability, and the fast processing speed that we have because of it.
But for now – I want to help you with the edge of the sword that you might not feel so grateful for.
I am on a mission to help people suffering from ADHD to lower the intensity of their ADHD symptoms and allow them to function normally so that they can lead a more balanced and fulfilling life.
By downloading this guide, we want to help you understand how you feel, why you feel it, and how to live harmoniously with ADHD. 
Our purpose is simple – make your life easier!

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