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On The 6th Of March 2020, I Relieved My ADHD.

This was a day that I had been waiting for my whole life, and after trying almost everything under the sun I started to think would never come.
Shortly after healing myself, I started to practice with other people with ADHD. The results I’ve been able to obtain for my clients have been amazing. The feedback blows my mind every time.
I couldn’t be happier that I am able to give people the peaceful and pain-free life that they’ve been dreaming of, just as I did.
If you are suffering from ADHD and would love to feel some relief – you’ve come to the right place and at the right time!

For a limited period only, I will be offering a free consultation call to get you started on the journey to healing your ADHD just as I did with myself. 

Are you ready to finally feel at peace?

Wave Goodbye To Feeling Fed Up And Stressed Out By ADHD

If you’re currently suffering from ADHD, you’ll know firsthand how hard it can be to perform even the simplest task on a day-to-day basis.
We think it’s important to note that although ADHD can cause difficulty and may often feel like a curse, ADHD is a gift of creativity that unfortunately comes with unwanted symptoms.
BUT there is a solution!
We want to help you rid yourself of all the curses…
❌ Constantly being overwhelmed and having 500 conversations in your head at all times.
❌ Having a thousand ideas but not being able to execute them due to lack of focus and being faced with feelings of failure.
❌ Needing change more than most people, changing jobs, changing address, and all of the work that comes with that unsustainable lifestyle.
❌ Failure to concentrate – going to the shop to buy toothpaste and coming back with a holiday to the Rockies.
❌ Unstable relationships because your loved ones feel as though you don’t care about them as you keep zoning out.
❌ Being seen as lazy or unproductive because their brain is moving at 100MPH and they are overwhelmed by self-doubt and anxiety.
❌ Acting inconsistently and not being able to maintain a daily routine or any semblance of a normal life.
..And keeping the amazing benefits of creativity, ingenuity, and a unique mindset that most people don’t have access to.
I want you to experience life without this suffering, as I am doing now.
I am on a mission to help people suffering from ADHD to learn how to manage and alleviate their symptoms, could you be next?
Imagine a life where you could focus on one thought at once.
Imagine a life where you could fall asleep with ease.
Imagine a life where you could concentrate on a task for a long period of time.

Do You Want This Life For Yourself?
Because Finally With ADHD Code - You Can
Get It!

What Does The Process To
Relief Look Like?

As someone suffering from ADHD, you’ll be no stranger to all of the potential “solutions” out there. You have even tried a few of them yourself. From prescribed drugs to therapy – I’ve experienced my fair share but nothing seemed to work.
Until I discovered energy healing!
And I know what you might be thinking, it sounds a little out there – but trust me when I say that it works – it works better than anything I’ve tried and I will continue to try and heal others using this solution for as long as I can.
All it takes is an open mind and a little patience.
During the first part, you will begin to feel calmer and more focused, and in the second part, you will learn how to maintain that serenity with consistency and the skills that I will provide you with.
With your permission, I shall connect to your energy and connect with the part of you that is responsible for the cause of the ADHD so I can help you to move forward with your best life.
So, what are you waiting for? Let’s end that suffering and get started on your path to a whole new way of feeling!

But Don’t Just Take It From Us…

“I would like to report some amazing results I have had after your ADHD sessions during the last 4 weeks. I was diagnosed with ADHD at age 41. It happened when my son had severe problems at school and also he got his ADHD diagnosis. My whole life it was difficult to keep disciplined. I moved maybe 25 times and worked in lots of jobs and careers.
I always had a very hard time with learning and studying, concentration, and focusing on one thing at a time. My mind was always racing nonstop. I didn’t have any patience and was always changing my mind and getting up to something new. I was always fidgeting and couldn’t sit still. I could get angry easily if I didn’t get my own way.
After our first session, the next day my quality of my sleep improved tremendously and woke up feeling rested. This allowed me to have more energy and more relaxation and strength during the day. Even my thoughts calmed down. It is so peaceful in my mind that I even start wondering if everything is ok and even if my mind starts coming in again it seems I can watch it from this calmness.
I am so thankful for that because it seems I have a choice now and I do not have to follow all these crazy thoughts in my head. I started with a morning routine and I am able to follow through so far. I even start to think things through before I act. How exhausting this condition has been for me I discover only now in hindsight. I am sure there will be more positive results coming my way after the wonderful work you have done on me. I really appreciate your work and I am grateful for the results”.

- Andrea

“A very deep gratitude note for what you have done for me. I’m really thankful to you for helping me get rid of ADHD, hypersexuality of Bipolar and PTSD. In psychology that is not even possible because I have personally taken 55 sessions with a psychologist. Can you imagine that? And nothing changed.
Then I took 35 sessions with different energy healers and they literally broke my bank. I was so desperate to heal that I lost all my money to psychologists and energy healers. Nothing changed. Just may be 10 percent.
Then I met you brought me from dying inside to hope for a new and better life. I haven’t been more grateful for anything more than this. Thank you so much. I never said this to anyone but you changed my life in so many better ways. I’m really thankful for helping me in every way. Supported me the entire time while I was processing and while giving me sessions. If it wasn’t your support I don’t know what I would have done”.

- Amna, Pakistan

“I haven’t taken my ADHD drug since the session, and it’s so awesome that it’s fixed! My rapid HR no longer occurs like it once used to as well…it would be constantly occurring (even without the ADHD stimulants, as I thought that they contribute to it) and my pain level is significantly lower.
I am tapering off Lyrica and cut my beta blocker to less than a 1/4 dosage. So far that’s 3 medications I won’t need very shortly. Funny enough my blood tests came back as slow thyroid today, so that’s a new layer to occur this last year but with the energy work, there are new layers being uncovered! Thanks for the session!”

- Kimberley, Canada

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