You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

My Background

I went through ADHD all my life upto the age of 47, I could n’t focus in school, worked in 55 jobs, made redundant 12 times and had 38 different addresses and many unsatisfied relationships. 

I grew up on a arable and livestock farm in a small village in Leicestershire, I worked on the farm right from the age of 4 potato picking and helping my dad feeding the animals and harvesting in the summer months. I played a lot of sport especially football and cricket. My ADHD caused me some issues. From then on I went job to job and business idea to the next business idea for the next 31 years. My mind would get so fed up with each job I would either quit or I would get made redundant. The only thing that I got excited about was playing football   and socializing at the weekends. 



Then certain life events happened my mum died in 2010, being made redundant yet again, bankruptcy and losing my house. This made me even more determined to find more answers. This was created because I found the answers and relieved my ADHD on the 6th March 2020. I now I am on a mission to help others with their ADHD so they don’t have to live the life I had when I had ADHD. 

From my experiences I have discovered you have to be in alignment with your true self and let your inner being be your guide for a fulfilling, fun life.


How do you get your dopamine hits?! Here were mine below when I was suffering?

Being fast brained caused sleep derivation. Often waking up in the middle of the night mind racing.

Worked in over 55 jobs and made redundant 12 times

Found it hard to keep in my position on the football field and some games lacked the same focus

Found it difficult to have stable relationships.

Attracting the wrong relationships

Travelling – dopamine hit!

Always changing my job. I would find my work performances would fluctuate.

Impulsive- making poor decisions in a ADHD state.

Always changing address every 6 months or year- my dopamine hit!

Addicted to self help books, seminars and courses- that was my dopamine hit!

Fitness and sport-my dopamine hit!


I have alot to be thankful for working with my clients who have taught me about very similar health conditions that would be so easy to be confused with ADHD. Absent seizures can cause you to zone out, hypersexuality of bipolar and Postural tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) can cause adrenaline surges and imbalances.

My Approach & Philosophy

Whatever pain you are going through just think its about the energy that has come from your lifetime experiences, from your future timelines, the time when you were in the womb, past lives and or alien transmissions that are causing ADHD. Limiting beliefs, trapped emotions can easily be released to lower the symptoms and lessen the intensity around your challenges. 

Always remember that people with ADHD are creative and very gifted in different things so its important to nurture these gifts and be your true self. Part of the programme is that we align you with your true self and relieve the ADHD symptoms so you can be in control of your life.