Everything I say and talk isn’t my beliefs or opinions. Its directly channelled from the ‘Galactic Federation’, which consist of extreme high level of light beings who consist of God, Dio, Flo and Jesus Christ. Now these are the head and in charge of the Zi alien race. The four higher beings are the Zi beings and these higher beings are the creators of the 2nd experiment which is human beings. The first experiment was Zi and the Zi alien race were created by Do which is the string matter.

People with ADHD, aspergers and autism are very special people, because they have severe traumas that has impacted their dopamine and brain chemistry to an extent that this is the result. Here are examples below of 2 case studies during a healing session.

ADHD case

1. Year 2million 13yrs old attacked and killed by alien fimi on Orion
2. Year 1,900,000 11yrs old attacked and killed by alien fimi on Mars
3. Year 1,500,000 9yrs old attacked and killed by a alien fimi on Jupiter
4. Year 1,000,000 7 yrs old attacked and killed by cylon. on Orion
5. Year 100,000 8yrs old attacked and killed by a cylon on Earth
6. Year 80,000 14yrs old attacked and by a cylon on Earth
7. Born 1969 here.

Autism case

  1. Year 1,500,000 killed by fimi on Mars, Pleiades
  2. Year 1,300,000 killed by fimi on Orion, Pleiades

  3. Year 1,200,000 killed 3 Cylons on mars Pleiades

  4. Year 1million killed 5 Cylon on earth

  5. Born 2017 here.

You will see above the soul journeys and when they finally came here and born in this time. So you can see the amount of trauma. When they got killed by a Cylon, the laser gun hits them in the frontal lobe which is where the dopamine resides. The energy from the laser gun melts the head and de-captivates it. So the head falls off and it’s just left on the floor the size of a ping pong ball, all frazzled and burnt. Sometimes the Cylons shoot at the side of the head and cause other issues. The laser gun energy is Ri and the Ri energy is buried very deeply into someone’s frontal lobe or another part of the brain.

The Cylons also shoot in the heart or any other part of the body so yet again the Ri energy weakens that part of the body.

During the healing session, I map out your soul journey to uncover what has happened and why you are suffering from your ADHD and other issues. Most healers clear from on a cellular level. In order, to make a significant difference it’s important to go much smaller than a cell membrane, an atom, quark, and preons.

If you would like to book a Free Strategy session I can muscle test and find out your soul journey so you can see what is blocking you from living your best life.

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