So you have been trying to heal yourself for years and years and you are still having issues?

Do you still feel like there is a black cloud over you ?

You feel disheartened that you have done so much inner work that you are on the brink of giving up on healing?

Do you feel like you are a hamster on a wheel? Does it feel to you like a bottomless it.

This was me back in December 2019, I had one last thought, I just need to get more light into my body and then I will find the answers. I did DNA activation on myself mainly removing limited beliefs and finding out if it activated my DNA strands. By March 2020, I was starting to get downloads and upgrades from ‘The Galactic Federation’ and now fast forward to November 2021, the below chart explains the full progression. 


The do matter is the string like substance that is outside of you and inside of you. Its the smallest molecule in the universe.  Everything I say isnt my opinions its from channelling the truth from the ‘Galactic Federation’. 

Here is an example below of a client’s future timelines that contributed to the suffering of ADHD. 

1. Year 2million 13yrs old attacked and killed by alien fimi

2. Year 1,900,000 11yrs old attacked and killed by alien fimi

3. Year 1,500,000 9yrs old attacked and killed by a alien fimi

4. Year 1,000,000 7 yrs old attacked and killed by robot.

5. Year 100,000 8yrs old attacked and killed by a Robot

6. Year 80,000 14yrs old attacked and by a Robot

7. Born 1969

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