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Does judging others help you?

We have all done it, lets be honest with ourselves. Even judging others that are judging others is still judging. Yes this does twist my melon man at times!

OK lets not beat round the bush! Millions of times in my life, I have been personally judged for being weird, crazy, stupid, thick, lazy, loser, you got to work harder, you got to be stronger, Stick at your job, You quit too early, give the job a chance, you are a C*** Richard, You are a complete dick Richard! Well Dick is short for Richard so you are kinda right there and as far as C*** goes then I take that as a compliment. I see when I have ever been a C***, I have only been honest, tackful (as I can) and challenging as I possibly could. Would you prefer me to be passive and then when you are a C***, you then actually dont know you are being one and you wont know that you have overstepped my boundaries. So everyone loses, because you dont spiritually grow, and I continue to have no boundaries and life just sucks!

If you feel that you are reacting or getting triggered from any person what they saying to you, maybe its a certain place or situation in a pub or in a group of people or when you are one on one with someone. Certain groups might trigger you, because you might have negative associations with such folk. Groups such as hippies, spiritual people,goths, homeless, people that are into heavy metal, bikers, skaters, Mods, Rockers, skinheads, punks, Emo’s, Narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, rapists, pedos. Ok without mentioning everyone, the bottom line is we are all the same. Its the only the conditioning that makes someone to appear different.

From healing people I know and other clients. I have found people may have just a few souls to others that have 65,000 plus. Its these past lives that are interrupting their relationships with their self and others.

For example I have done healing on some that have at least 65,000 and more souls. These people go way back and have had alien past lives where they have killed millions of good aliens on other planets in others solar systems and universes. Other people have been famous history figures that have caused a lot of destruction to millions of people. So I had a mum come to me once and their son soul was Adolf Hitler. This poor guy has to wait for another 3 years before we can let go his karma, because he still needs to learn the lessons.

This is why you cant really judge others because you have no idea what past lives they have had before you go judging them as a C***. Yes its so easy to especially when they are provoking and beating up someone. Alot of these past lives work as roles reversals. So for example if you are getting raped in this lifetime. You may have done the raping in your past life. Its a karmic lesson you see and although its nothing to do with you, it may well be your karma. Ideally you have to release it so it does n’t get you into any more trouble. Of course to release the karma, it is always advised to ask if you have learnt the lesson yet. If you have learnt the lesson you can release it. You have to look in your life and see anything you dont like what is showing up right now, because they might be a karmic lesson there hiding.

I have experienced a overweight person telling me that I need to sort my life out and when I look at them and they are about 8 stone overweight then I think hold on a minute mate. That was back then when I was judging them after they had judged me. So my issues were that I had many lifetimes when I was a witch and I was burnt at the stake so for many many years I couldnt do healing because I still had this karma. On the other hand when I have helped people with weightloss I have come across their past lives when they have spent 10 lifetimes starving to death, and have then released their exercise trauma in this lifetime when a P.E teacher humiliated them infront of the class for being overweight, a loser. At the same time the P.E teacher had his past lives playing out that caused this event to happen. The Overweight person in a past life was the bully and the P.E teacher was the victim in that past life. So role reversals happen alot so we can learn the lesson and feel empathy and compassion for others.

All it is is energy and I don’t make any of these rules up it is what it is. However, you can do something about and release the energies that you are struggling with and whats twisting you melon. Usually its past lives, alien energies, womb, your life time, or inherited. 


Before you go judging others because their problem isnt your problem just remember it might be their karma or your karma.  

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