is there lithium in the vaccine? what is in the covid vaccine?

Usually every blog I write is to do with ADHD. However, I found an interesting discovery this week and I couldn’t pass up on this one. Sometimes my greatest lessons are when I am healing clients. For the last few weeks I have been contemplating and trying to wrap my head around this vaccine. The priority for me is knowing what are the short and long term effects of taking this vaccine and whether its optimal for people to take it. Of course people who have families and older relatives and you are in fear of catching the vaccine then I totally understand why you would take it. Right now I feel for those families whom have a difference in opinions about the vaccine. So hows those holiday plans coming along?

Earlier this week, I had come to the end of a healing session and I muscle tested how many DNA strands have been activated, to my surprise there was only 1 that had been activated. My client had already had the vaccine, and normally after the end of the healing session, a high number of the DNA strands have been activated. So I tuned into this of which the answer was lithium. The lithium is said to be very useful for antiviral effects however can be toxic to the body. You can look up the side effects of lithium. Of course, with relief after releasing this substance through the process I use, the DNA strands catapulted to high levels again.

Some people believe the lithium is added to some vaccines and even anti-depressants to numb people and to make you feel disconnected.

What is the truth about why they add lithium?

Is it because its purely a very effective antiviral agent?

Or is it because they want us walking around like zombies so we are less likely to kick up a fuss with political and social issues?

You can read up about lithium toxicity and what happens when levels get too high. Symptoms may include tremor, increased reflexes, trouble walking, kidney problems and an altered level of consciousness.

There are healthier alternative antiviral substances Colloidal Silver, and coconut oil you could try and it is recommended to follow the right dosage especially for Colloidal Silver. Coconut oil is good to use when cooking and its good for killing bad colds as well so its always handy to have a pot on your shelf.

You can read this article below

In conclusion, I have seen negative changes in someone’s DNA, aura and immune system after the vaccine has been taken. If you are concerned about your lithium levels after having the vaccine I can run a quick test on you and release it, takes about a minute. .

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