WHat is ADHD?, what are the signs of ADHD?

How many times have people said this to you?

The term ‘Lazy’ is just a label like ADHD. You might consider everyone has experienced being lazy or procrastinating at some point of their life. Generally, people that suffer from being lazy have underlying causes that stop them moving forwards. Here is a list.

  1. Fatigue or burnout

  2. Regrets and shame

  3. Other health issues that is draining

  4. Lack of self compassion

  5. Frustrated with doing nothing

  6. No direction and no purpose.

  7. Anxiety & Depression

  8. Uncertainty

  9. Self Doubt and lack clarity of who you are

  10. Limiting core self beliefs

All the 10 items on this list can stem from anything from alien energies, past lives, womb energy, inherited and this life time. People who suffer from ADHD can feel completely overwhelmed because the lack of dopamine causing a lot of the symptoms above.

So next time someone calls you lazy, bare in mind they either projecting their lazy attitude onto you or they have a regular supply of dopamine, they feel focused and on point and cannot understand why you are just lazy.

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