What causes ADHD? what aree the signs of ADHD?

ADHD & The Covid Situation

Over the past year a lot of people have experienced stress from these unprecedented and uncertain times. However, some have made the most of this time investing in new ideas, businesses, more quality time with families and loved ones. Others have taken up new hobbies and interests, helping the needy and helping themselves getting fit and healthy. However, placing a person with ADHD on lockdown can have positive and negative consequences.

First and foremost, ADHDers need freedom and being locked down increases the fight or flight mechanism that has come from a lack of dopamine. Obviously some will invest their energy into positive actions and change their lives. However most will fall by the way side.

ADHD ISs like a double edged sword . ADHD people are very creative and are usually buzzing with new ideas. They just sometimes find it hard to complete their projects and especially now become overwhelmed with our current situation.

A healthy daily routine is a good starting point, such as setting your alarm, getting up, making your bed, exercising for 20 mins and then having a shower before you start work. These small daily habits don’t feel important in the moment but go along way of keeping yourself on track. However, with imbalances in a lack of dopamine going on in the background, it will be challenging to keep up and there will be days when the overwhelm and your racing mind will get the better of you.

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