ADHD & Alien Energies, What is ADHD? What are the causes of ADHD?


In the past year, I have made discoveries that could easily be disbelieved and called out as absolutely preposterous. However, I always check that my muscle testing is 100% accurate and that I am perceiving everything as 100% accurate.

Alien transmissions are real and they have one purpose to really mess up your health and well-being on all levels. These alien transmissions are from dark aliens and their intention is to make us weak with illness and disease. Its a slow process firstly they imbalance a lot of our body systems especially our immune system and brain.  Aliens can cause mental illnesses and cause disease to humans.


Of course I have no proof of this and I cant make any claims that alien energies are the root cause of illness and disease and ADHD. When I generally work on people everyone person has an unique set of underlying causes. For example, say 5 people come to me with ADHD issues, the results are all different. The root causes are usually all different past lives, ranging from animal past lives and human past lives. I had clients that were in a battle and got clubbed around the forehead (frontal lobe) causing imbalances in dopamine. Then other imbalances such as the time spent in the womb, absorbing parents feelings and emotions, beliefs.  Also alot of energies are found during this lifetime, and most of the causes are when we are between 0 and 7 years old. I personally removed an inherted underlying cause from 17 generations ago where my grandma had a frontal lobe trauma.

Alien energies are usually installed at birth and I know this because every ADHD client I have worked on has had 1 or more of these alien energies. I worked on a breast cancer case and the person had 12 underlying causes and 11 of them were alien energies.


How do alien energies work?

Through channeling and muscle testing, I found a list of the worst ones that are most harmful. Alien energies are usually installed when you are born and they come in many forms such as implants, parasites, viruses, fungi, bacteria, and pathogens. They come in through energy portals in your cells, blood, and above your head. They have weird spelling and have a serious case of dyslexia e.g Implant icrack, Pathogen, Cetide, Bacteria, Dededif. These specific alien energies cause ADHD but remember they are not only the main cause as mentioned above.

These alien energies will create depression, anxiety and other health related issues. Remember every case is different and every person mostly has different alien energies but through muscle testing I can find them and release them.

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