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ADHD and Overthinking

Overthinking is a dominant trait in people who suffer from ADHD. When you have a lack of dopamine or no regular supply of dopamine, it can make you feel you are literally living in your head. Living in your head causes you to over analyse everything in your life so you end up overthinking everything even overthinking about things that are not even true. This causes vicious circles and you then become overwhelmed with everything.

You also become delusional, have distorted thinking and you tend to misperceive situations and people. Then add the fight or flight state that just makes things a lot worse for you.

The optimal state is to feel centred, grounded and in the zone. Being in ‘The Zone’ is state of being that athletes want to create, because they know that there is a higher chance of finishing in the top 3 and getting that medal. When you are in the zone everything is effortless and you just take inspired action to achieve your goal.

Overthinking can be destructive and you can feel disengaged causing a flop in performance.

There are ways to become more embodied and achieve ‘Zone’ like states. For example, healthy nutrition, regular fitness and exercise and heart meditation (focusing on the centre of your chest for 10mins). However, the most effective way is to release the imbalances that cause the lack of dopamine that cause overthinking and ADHD.

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