ADHD in the workplace, ADHD & Work, what is the causes of ADHD? What are the signs of ADHD?

Excellent focus, time boundless, attention to details, productivity, and enthusiasm- they are all things employers are looking for in their employees. But when a person has ADHD, it is tough for him/her to excel at work and sometimes even keep a job. ADHDers can easily feel frustrated and left out, and disheartened when someone criticizes them. Lack of self-confidence, mood instability, procrastination, past failures, uninterested job profile, poor attitude, and low-enthusiasm are the major causes of ADHD. But it is a treatable disorder. There are various medication and non-medication treatments out there that can help individuals with work-related obligations if you want to go down the traditional route. However there are others ways as to support you with which you can discuss with me at anytime.

How does ADHD Affect Employment?

The symptoms of ADHD can adversely impact the employment rate. As estimated, 8 million to 9 million Americans have ADHD. Individuals with ADHD have difficulty focusing at work and are easily distracted. Due to these irresponsible attitudes towards professionalism, they either lose their job or wind up bouncing from job to job. One study has stated that people with ADHD often had more trouble keeping track of multiple projects, and deadlines are enormously challenging.

If you have ADHD, it may be hard to:

● Handle multiple projects.

● Follow directions.

● Attention to details.

● Sit still.

● Emotion issues.

Tips for working with ADHD

● You can use headphones to block distractions.

● Sit with a timer. Work 25 minutes and take rest for 5 minutes, do this until your day job gets finished.

● Listen more and speak less.

● Do what is important, and never leave things for tomorrow.

● Join ADHD sessions.

● Listen to motivational podcasts.

ADHDers have certain advantages as well and usually ADHD people are very creative and are amazing at starting new projects but often struggle with completing projects so therefore you might want to consider being the person who thinks of new ideas within your company and thats what you are hired to do. This will do wonders for your self esteem and confidence and you will be able to sustain the job more effectively. Please find the list below of other positive traits.

  • Hyperfocus
  • Resourcefulness
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Intuitive thinking
  • Quick thinking
  • Resilience
  • Positivity
  • Boundless enthusiasm
  • Sensitivity

Final Say:

Remember, living with ADHD at work is do-able. You need to find the best strategies. We advise you to take the 4 ADHD CODE sessions package in order to relieve the negative symptoms and still keep the positive qualities of ADHD. You will receive 4 personal 1:1 sessions with Richard to release the blocks that are causing your ADHD so you can be a calmer and more focused in your work. This will increase your self control, self discipline and self belief and confidence to bring about the positive changes in your workplace. Feel free to contact me first and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. to book sessions with Richard please go to

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