ADHD & Relationships, what causes ADHD? what is ADHD?

Understanding ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can create misunderstanding, distractions, frustrations, and angriness in your relationships. But your broken relationships can thrive with the proper treatments and tactics.

Most people recognize the term ADHD but don’t know what it means. It’s an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A person with ADHD always makes his partner feel ignored, lonely, and unwanted. ADHD often arrives in the person because of the following issues

● Negative self-image

● Lack of self-confidence

● Shame from past-failures

How does the partner with ADHD Often Feel?

Different: A person with ADHD looks at the world through the doubting eyes that others don’t relate to and understands it.

Overwhelmed: Constant stress caused by ADHD makes a person feel like their head is below water.

Shamed: They often feel shame because they make their partner feel ignored and lonely.

Afraid to fail again: As their relationship worsens, the level of punishment of failure increases. Anticipating failure results in being reluctant to try.

Tips for the ADHD Partner

● You have to realize that your ADHD symptoms are damaging your relationship. And you are the only one who can save it by listening to your partner and spending time with him/her.

● If strong emotion is jeopardizing your relationship, take time, keep calm, and then restart the conversation with your partner.

● Find ways to make your partner feel special. Even a little thing can make a difference.

Tips for the Non-ADHD Partner

● You can’t control your partner because he/she is already fighting with himself, but you can control your actions and emotions to make things simple and easy.

● Go for a walk with your partner every morning or evening.

● When possible, make him happy with funny things and involve him in creative activities.

Final Say:

As you saw, spending time, communication, and understanding can do magic. In addition, you can bring a third person in your life who can help you in rebuilding your relationship.  ADHDers live in a fight or flight mode most of the time and it can feel like they are having 500 conversations in their heads at one time, so listening focusing on what the partner is saying can be very difficult for them.  The difference between someone with ADHD and soomeone who hasnt got ADHD is simply dopamine. When you have a regular supply of dopamine then you are able to focus and listen because the fight or flight isnt activated. This is when you perceive people are situations correctly and you are able to make much better decisions. 

It is recommended to read ‘The Drama Triangles’ post here, to get more insight on how they play a huge part in our relationships.

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