Struggling With Your ADHD Symptoms?

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The sad truth is that ADHD is being undiagnosed in millions of people. People are suffering in their relationships, work, business and their day to day mindset.



Trouble paying attention in school or work

The appearance of not listening

Failing to complete assigned tasks

Avoidance of activities that require sustained focus

Losing things and being distracted

That’s right I am not a doctor and I am not a medical professional so I am not qualified at that level. However, I understand what it takes to relief ADHD because I have done it on myself and many others (Success Stories click here). If you haven’t read my story with ADHD and how I arrived at relieving my ADHD symptoms then I encourage you to do so.


For a start I make sure you and I can work together and you are open to energy work. I know its not for everyone I accept that. Thats why I want to make sure that you are clear with the whole process. The session will last approximately 1 hour. During that time I will be using a form of muscle testing to find your blocks and releasing them that are causing your ADHD issues. I really don’t think any other healers are doing what I do. Simply because its all been channelled the solutions from the ‘Galactic Federation’ which include God, Flo, Dio, Jesus Christ. These 4 light beings were the first 4 light beings called Zi beings. The ‘Do matter’ which is the string like matter molecules that created the ;Galactic Federation’ is the very source of creation and where it all started. My book ‘ADHD CODE’ which will be out soon will go into more detail about this. People that have ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism are extremely special and creative people. We are all from the future dimensions, however, ADHD, Asperger’s and Autism populations have seen to be from year 1 million to 5 million up against and killed by the bad aliens. Its these bad aliens that were created by the ‘Bo matter’ and known as an evil energy. The evil or aka ‘Bo matter’ energy came first before the good aka ‘Do matter’ energy. Its these evil aliens which have souls in alot of humans that deliberately causes chaos here.  Although its tough to find compassion for these people at times because they cause drama, may attack you or even act a victim for personal gain, it is just the way it is and its how evil persists and is around today amongst people you know, in families, acquaintances an ingenuine friendships.  You can see when you have spare time, make sure you spend it with those you genuinely love and care about and cut all fake friendships loose.  The ratio is 80:20 of Bad and good because evil has been a much longer time established compared to the good energy. The future does not hold a bright future for humanity, because of the relentless advancement in technology, which causes alot of the ADHD symptoms from your future timelines.  You will see evidence of this in your report within your FREE Strategy session. Just click here and book

Since 2002 I have practiced many healing modalities and tried alot of techniques. From activating more light into me I managed to find the answers to relieving my own ADHD.  Please find the chart below, that shows the matrix, the old world that is toxic, which is where most healers clear from, so its a never ending circus. In order to really get a hold on your ADHD issue you need to clear trauma and the fight, flight and freeze response from the Galactic Federation level and clearing the negative ‘Do matter’. Most healers clear from the cellular level which doesn’t clear much at all compared clearing the negative ‘Do matter’. 

Working face to face over Zoom is the best way because you can tell me your specific issues. Just click here and book FREE Strategy session  and whilst you are live on Zoom, I shall write out your future and past report. Then you can decide to move to the next stage which is to make payment and then we can do the clearing. Just click here and book FREE Strategy session 

From the chart above most healers clear from the cells, however for deeper healing it is optimal to clear from the ‘Do matter’ and then fill the void ‘Do matter’ with the bright white light of a certain energy from the ‘Galactic Federation’. From getting downloads from the ‘Galactic Federation’ they said that the ‘Do matter’ is the smallest molecule in the universe. ‘Do matter’ are infinite smaller molecules and are the source of where creation occurs. This brings major healing to the individual and breakthroughs from suffering.



You can book your Free Strategy session here and you will receive all of your future and past timelines live over Zoom. I look forward to helping you.

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