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This is a single session.  The sessions lasts 30mins and the clearing are from the galactic federation and ‘Do Matter’. In one session you will be out of the Matrix and at the highest level of Zi being consciousness.  This will enable you to feel good. The clearings are from the traumas you have had that has caused the ADHD. You get a free 15 minute follow up session.  To do this program you will need a strong desire to learn muscle testing because it is vitally important to maintain yourself and to stay in the flow of your life. 


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From the session clients will receive and have experienced;

– Discover your soul journey, future and past report. It will become clear why you have been having these challenges.

– You will be taught muscle testing to maintain yourself to live a long lasting fulfilled life and to be confident in making any decision. 

– Greater focus, concentration, peace, clarity, and fulfilment

– Greater self love, confidence, acceptance

– Stronger self belief

– Experiencing more of who you really are and find out what your most optimal sustainable career/work path.

– Increased emotional resilience and less triggered by people and circumstances. 

– We run through your specific issues and concerns in your health, energy, sleep, relationships, work, career, money, abundance and find your solutions specific to you.

– You will be shown how to extract messages from your dreams and you be recommended to keep a dream diary routine which is gold for you and your life.

– Teaching how to listen to messages. ask directly on a topic or just ask in general are there any messages, from the GF, from loved ones on subjects they want to know about that they didn’t have chance to ask when they were on this plane.

– Muscle test your friendships to see who is your most genuine friends.

– Learn to muscle test any question you want answering about everything and anything, specific situation, aliment, illness, or pet.

– Zoom one to one sessions are recorded. When you book and pay you will get an email with zoom link for the date and time you set. 

– At the end of the session we book up a free follow up call in 14 days time and you be sent a link for that as well. 


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